Started in 1999, C.I.E.S has a steady growth of product support expertise within its staff as well as close links with other small companies in support of its own engineering endeavors. Our ranges of products have increased steadily over the years, with our main suppliers from Japan, Taiwan & Australia.


We are a group of young professionals whose combination of work ethics, with own gradual growth of experience, would lead us to pursue committed causes for the customer. We always welcome enquiries from potential academic or industrial collaborators and of course, students.


Based strategically on the outskirt of the Central Business District, Sim Lim Tower serves as a benchmark whereby almost anything electrical or electronic would be found. Our shop can be accessed easily, being situated at the basement level.


Our clients include a broad array of regional distributors, manufacturing firms, as well as domestic institutions. They would stem from a diverse range of industries: Manufacturing, Electronics & Electrical, Military, Marine & the Medical Sector. C.I.E.S. has grown considerably since. By improving our knowledge in engineering, product support and production management, a growing number of companies, as well as domestic institutions, recognize us as a valuable resource.


Over the years we have established long-term relationships with product manufacturers who are specialists in their field. These products will fit the industries we serve, their quality being of reliable caliber. The availability in stock & reliability in our products render satisfied customers. This focus allows us to offer significant advantages to our customers today and also secures this advantage into the future.


C.I.E.S. recognizes that one of the main concerns of our clients is technical support for our items & after sales service. Customers are ensured reliable back up for faulty units within their warranty period. Technical support via call in is available on hand, with after sales service would be rendered upon requirement.